Ep 003: The Twitter Secret Sauce with Madalyn Sklar

Some people mistakenly claim that Twitter is a ghost town but Madalyn Sklar proves that those folks are simply doing it wrong. In this episode, Madalyn gives us her seasoned and expert information on this social media giant and talks about everything from Twitter lists to Twitter chats and how they can improve your business’ outreach.

Madalyn shares how Twitter gives us the unique opportunity, that other social sites do not, to get in front of and chat with people of great influence as well as some of the best ways to maximize the impact of your twitter. She shares her secret sauce of rules for Twitter engagement the changes the platform has undergone, along with other helpful platforms that help you be more efficient and effective with managing your Twitter in a consistent way.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why Twitter is so useful for online entrepreneurs and thought leaders.
  • How Twitter gives you access to people you never would have been able to contact otherwise.
  • How she keeps her podcast simple and highly actionable with evergreen content.
  • Why it is crucial to engage with the Twitter community and not just Tweet out.
  • What a Twitter list is and why they are so effective and helpful.
  • What Twitter Chats are and how to take advantage of them.
  • How to find already existing Twitter chats.
  • Why what you name a Twitter list matters.
  • What apps to use to help with producing content and engaging more effectively.
  • What’s new with twitter advertising and if it’s effective.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Twitter is the one platform where people feel very open and free in a public place, in a public forum to have a discussion. - @madalynsklar Click To Tweet You have the ability to chat with rockstars and famous authors and actors and just people of influence across the world- if they’re out there tweeting. -@madalynsklar Click To Tweet Consistency on Twitter, and any social media platform, goes a long way. -@madalynsklar Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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