Ep 019: Building a Website That Converts with Kevin Geary

We all know that any online business needs a website, but too many entrepreneurs make the same big mistakes when it comes to creating one. These are mistakes that are not only costing them countless hours, but also potential customers. Thankfully, my featured guest today is here to share valuable tips on how to build a website that converts.

Kevin Geary has been building, growing, and running online businesses for over 15 years, and he’s been supporting his family of five solely from those businesses since 2013. He’s the founder of Six-Figure Grind, an online business and digital marketing blog where he teaches men and women how to build and grow a six-figure online lifestyle business, and he’s the host of the Six-Figure Grind Podcast.

In this episode, Kevin gives a crash course on what common (and costly!) mistakes to avoid when building your website and how to effectively generate leads online.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Common mistakes online entrepreneurs make with their websites.
  • How to use your website to generate leads.
  • The biggest mistake people make with blogging.
  • Core pages every online entrepreneur should have on their website.
  • The true purpose of a homepage.
  • Where to put testimonials.
  • The most important thing about copy.
  • What brick and mortar businesses don’t do enough of.
  • How to dominate Google in terms of local search.
  • Three policies you should make sure to include on your website.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

If you don’t have any experience in digital marketing, and you don’t have any experience in website design and development, you really don’t have a lot of business trying to piece your own website together. - @thekevingeary Click To Tweet Every page on your website should have a single purpose. -@thekevingeary Click To Tweet The same way that you would sell on the phone with somebody or in person with somebody—in the digital world, you have to do that on sales pages. -@thekevingeary Click To Tweet

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