Ep 021: Bringing in Top-Level Talent with Pam Wasley

Every entrepreneur needs to learn how to outsource, but equally important is recognizing the areas where they need to bring in talent and knowing the best way to do it. This topic is so important because as we grow, we have to be able to bring people in who can complement our skill sets. That’s why I’m so excited about today’s episode and our fantastic guest expert, Pam Wasley.

A serial entrepreneur, Pam is the co-founder and CEO of Cerius Executives and Cerius Advisors. With multiple decades of knowledge and experience, she has personally sold companies, led a management buyout, and advised hundreds of companies on strategies for growth. She has also been featured in prestigious publications, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fortune.

In this episode, Pam discusses why it is so important for business owners to be diligent when bringing people onto their teams, as well as how her businesses can help them to do just that.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How the interim executive and advisory board models help companies.
  • The difference between a consultant and an interim executive.
  • Tips for quieting unease among your existing team when bringing in an interim executive.
  • Where Pam got the idea for these business models.
  • The real bonus for companies using interim executives and advisory boards.
  • How hiking and being in nature has helped Pam be more productive.
  • One simple thing you can do every day to improve your business.
  • Three core agreements you need to have with every individual you work with in your business.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

What you really want to do is get somebody that plays well with you, that works well with you, but yet has the expertise to get you there quicker. -@PamelaWasley Click To Tweet It’s very, very costly to lose an executive if you make a mistake. -@PamelaWasley Click To Tweet One of the hardest things for {entrepreneurs} to do is delegate. -@PamelaWasley Click To Tweet

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