Ep 023: Adopting Simplicity with Amy Porterfield

It’s no secret that marketing these days is quite overwhelming, time consuming and chaotic. This is the exact reason why our guest, Amy Porterfield, is adamant about the need to keep your marketing strategy simple. She also discusses why your business plan should be simple as well and how you can get started in marketing or any kind of business just by keeping things simple and making decisions.

Decision fatigue is a real thing and overwhelm is a constant plague of entrepreneurs and business minded people everywhere. Amy gives us some great strategies to fight back against these crippling and creativity killing aspects of your work. She also shares the importance of starting an email list immediately and gives clear info on how to get started on that now, no matter what level you’re at.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The benefits of simplicity within your online marketing plan.
  • Why she switched from social media work to where she is today.
  • Amy’s secret to success when it comes to finding what works and gaining confidence.
  • The importance of always educating yourself and having backup strategies.
  • Why she chose podcasting as her main marketing outlet.
  • Why she prefers to use webinars to teach.
  • How to figure out the best model for your business.
  • Why “Email killers” are not a threat.
  • Most important step to getting started on an email list
  • How to get people signed up and what a core lead magnet is.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Until you know more, you’re not even going to know what to look for so just make a decision. -@AmyPorterfield Click To Tweet I knew what I was good at, I knew what I wasn’t good at and I knew what felt right for me. -@AmyPorterfield Click To Tweet One of my secrets to success is I do it over and over again. -@AmyPorterfield Click To Tweet

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