Ep 037: Website Legal with Bobby Klinck

There are many areas where your website, blog or online presence can become a drag on your business. In this episode Bobby will be continuing this mini legal training series by sharing specific information on how to protect your business from possible issues presented by your online presence. There are ways where your business has additional requirements and considerations simply by being online so make sure you’re aware of what you need to be doing to cover your bases.

When you are providing information via your website, blog or podcast, it’s important to know more about Disclaimers, Privacy Policies and Terms of Use and how to piece these together correctly. Making sure to disclose your financial rewards, explaining how people should use your downloads and what they can expect from you and your site. Bobby will also go over the GDPR and other laws that specify how you can collect information and he’ll talk about how to avoid potential legal issues with your site.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Additional requirements and considerations that only apply to online business.
  • How providing information to many people can cause problems and how to avoid them.
  • The role of various protections you can set up on your website.
  • Understanding the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer and important things to include in these things.
  • Why you should specify how people can use templates, forms and downloads from your site.
  • Why you need to make it clear what you are not responsible for.
  • The importance of specifying your cancelation and refund policies.
  • What information you need to provide to people about the data you’re collecting.
  • Understanding the GDPR and what you need to know about it.
  • Why and how you need to disclose your financial rewards.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

What happens if someone tunes in to you or goes to your blog, follows your advice and has bad consequences? - @bobbyklinck Click To Tweet If they want other people to have it, they should send those people to your download page – they shouldn’t be just giving them the downloadable content.” - @bobbyklinck Click To Tweet A big part of the agreement is to make sure there is no disagreement down the road. - @bobbyklinck Click To Tweet

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