Ep 102: Understand Your People

Oct 25, 2019YOG Podcast0 comments


Today is the first of my new “Foundations Friday” episodes, a bonus show I’ll be doing every week to tackle one topic and give you one key takeaway. I believe everyone can benefit from taking the time to master the basics, so today I am going to talk about what I believe is the biggest foundational issue most businesses face.

Listen in as I explain the importance of understanding your people, as well as how that can help you bring in even more customers. You’ll learn why you have to listen to your people, what it takes to understand your clients, and the simple realization that changed my life.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The biggest foundational issue most businesses face.
  • How to better understand your customer.
  • The benefits of listening to your people.
  • How to find new clients.
  • The realization that changed my life.
  • How I discovered I should sell templates.
  • The benefits of going back to basics.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Until you get the basics done, none of that other stuff matters.- @BobbyKlinck Click To Tweet One of the big shifts I made was realizing that other people don’t think like me.- @BobbyKlinck Click To Tweet I believe everyone can benefit from getting back to the basics.- @BobbyKlinck Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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