Ep 166: Want A Great Business? Then Be A Freaking Leader!

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Today we’re talking about leadership – stepping up, taking charge, and creating a movement, not just a business. If you can take charge and be authentic, you can make sales effortless and cut the struggle. Taking leadership means making key changes to impact how you interact with your business and how you position yourself to add value.

Being a leader is not a new concept, yet so many people aren’t doing it right. Taking the time to reflect on your true role within your business can help you assess where you need to step up. Taking leadership isn’t just about leading your team, but leading in every interaction you have.

When it comes to creating a movement and a message, we’re not necessarily talking about being political. We’re talking about creating a connection between you and your beliefs and your target audience. Having a central motivating idea to your business will help to set you apart from others in your field. Sell your uniqueness and cut the competition.

Utilizing your USPs and positioning yourself as someone that supplies added value in their market can help you rise above the rest. Look at niching (selling what you do to underutilized markets) to increase your audience. Make sure you are communicating a brand that integrates your personality, values and beliefs.

Positioning yourself and your business as a leader is key to growing and improving. Don’t be polarizing for the sake of it. If you can lead with authenticity and are able to change the ways in which people think about what you do, you are sure to find success.


What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What are the core foundations of a great business
  • How to become an effective leader
  • How to create an appealing movement and message to your target audience
  • Why is it important to position yourself and your business as a leader
  • How to make sales effortlessly without going through struggles as a business entity


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