EP 170: The BEST Advice for Protecting Your Online Business

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Today we’re going back to the basics and talking about the legal stuff. But don’t worry… I’m not going to bore you with legal jargon.

Here’s the problem. Lots of entrepreneurs focus on issues like copyright and trademarks. But the place where entrepreneurs get in trouble is they don’t have their business agreements in writing.

If you don’t pay attention to anything else I say today, I want you to hear this one thing: every agreement you make in your business should be in writing. This is the best way to prevent legal problems down the road.

No matter how close you think your relationship is… you need written agreements. This was something I learned the hard way, and it led to the end of a close friendship. I want to help you prevent difficult situations like this by making sure you know what written agreements you need in your business.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

The 5 main areas where you need written agreements for your business:

  • Your website
  • 1:1 Work (service providers, coaches, consultants)
  • Courses and memberships
  • Building your team (contractors and employees)
  • Publicity (podcasts, testimonials, marketing)

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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