EP 175: It’s Time For A Change: The Online Marketing Model Is Broken

Sep 22, 2020YOG Podcast0 comments


I’m excited about today’s episode, but I should warn you that I’m gonna get myself in a little trouble. There are some problems in the online marketing space, and I’m going to call them out. Our current model is broken, and we need change now.

You might be wondering why I think the current model of online marketing is broken when so many people are making boatloads of money. Obviously it’s working for them. But underneath the shiny surface, there are 4 major problems happening in the online marketing space right now that are having a negative impact on customers and clients as well as marketers.

But we’re not talking about these issues. Instead, we keep focusing on how we can make more sales. We’ve become obsessed with selling over the needs of our customers and clients. That’s why I am highlighting 4 areas where we need to grow and expand our thinking.

We’ll break down ways that the online space is an echo chamber, why we shouldn’t even need to sell if we’re marketing well, why it’s easier to sell quick fixes, and why the culture of guru worship is stunting our growth.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The problems with living in an echo chamber
  • The problems with focusing on sales and not marketing
  • The problems with the quick fix mindset
  • The problems with guru worship and only learning from one person
  • How we can overcome these problems

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