EP 181: Online Entrepreneurs Are Stuck In the 1950s

Nov 3, 2020YOG Podcast0 comments


It’s time to break out of the marketing echo chamber! Today I’m sharing more about why online marketers are stuck in the 1950s. We’ll also discuss how you should be marketing today and how that is different than what the gurus are teaching. 

I’m going to hit hard against the conventional wisdom of the online space. That’s because the way most online entrepreneurs are teaching us to market in the online space is backward and based on ideas from the 1950s.

What do I mean that online marketers are stuck in the 1950s? Well, I’m not referring to technology. Instead, I’m talking about a 1950s marketing concept that is rife in the online marketing world. So, let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at the 5 big marketing concepts in history and discover how we can move into the present.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • The five big marketing concepts
    • The production concept of marketing
    • The product concept of marketing
    • The selling concept of marketing
    • The marketing concept
    • The holistic marketing approach
  • The problem with the entire launch model and its underlying motivations
  • Why other companies don’t launch like online marketers
  • The problem with limited open cart periods, urgency, and scarcity
  • How online entrepreneurs have become like the gym model
  • What being a “serve-first” entrepreneur is NOT
  • How you figure out what your audience needs
  • The significance of interconnectedness and relationships
  • The true value of building goodwill in your business

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