Ep 49: Building Your Email List with Bobby Klinck

Today we’re going to be talking about a subject that any successful online entrepreneur will tell you is absolutely critical for your business: building a solid email list. This is something that has been a key factor in the success of every launch I’ve had, and I can guarantee you that it will play an important role in the success of your business, as well. So how do you go about gaining subscribers?

In this episode, I walk you through the four phases of building an email list. I’ll cover some very important concepts you need to know when it comes to getting people to sign up, keeping subscribers engaged, and using your list to generate income.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Why email marketing is a crucial part of success.
  • Tips for getting people to sign up for your list.
  • The legal implications of collecting email addresses.
  • How the GDPR changed standard list-building practices.
  • What to keep in mind when planning your freebie.
  • Why you shouldn’t have more than three core freebies to give away.
  • How to nurture your list and keep people engaged.
  • What your onboarding sequence should do.
  • Tips for making your emails interesting.
  • Why having people unsubscribe is a good thing.
  • How to get unengaged subscribers off your list.
  • The advantages of scrubbing your list.
  • Why you can’t be afraid to sell to your subscribers.
  • How often you should email your list.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Through all of the phases of the cool marketing tips, marketing tricks, strategies, new tools, new ideas like bots and all this other stuff, email marketing has stood the test of time and remains a very powerful tool. - @bobbyklinck Click To Tweet If you literally are never going to email your list because you’re afraid people are going to unsubscribe, then your email list is valueless and you should not be spending time on it. - @bobbyklinck Click To Tweet The people who are on your email list are not your friends. They’re not your buddies. You shouldn’t view them that way. They are potential customers. - @bobbyklinck Click To Tweet

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