Ep 62: Building a Blog with Angie Gensler

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Many entrepreneurs consider creating blogs, but often, they don’t know how to work those blogs into their overall content strategy, or how to make them profitable. So today, I’ve got the perfect guest expert to break down what it takes to create a successful blog that gets traffic and generates business.

Angie Gensler, the founder of AngieGensler.com, grew her social media and digital marketing blog into an online business that allowed her to quit her high-paying corporate marketing job just 20 months later. She now spends her time teaching entrepreneurs how to market and grow their business without the hustle or overwhelm, and she joins the show to share how she built her blog and tips for creating a successful blog of your own.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What makes a blog successful.
  • Common mistakes people make when writing posts.
  • The most important thing you need to do when starting your blog.
  • What made Angie decide to launch her blog.
  • The biggest mistake she made while building her business.
  • Ways to monetize a blog.
  • The key to any good freebie for list building.
  • What to know about SEO.
  • A common myth about how often you have to post.
  • How to market a blog post once it’s done.
  • Tips for figuring out what topics to write about.


Ideas Worth Sharing:

Every channel has its own unique traits and its own unique audience, and you need to figure out who your ideal customer is and where they’re hanging out and just focus on that one. Stop trying to be everywhere. - @AngieGensler Click To Tweet
I would rather spend hours and hours writing a post, but then it’s going to pay off for me years to come versus churning out a 200 to 300 word post. -@AngieGensler Click To Tweet
Don’t overthink it. Just take action, move quickly, churn out kick-ass work—you’ll be fine. -@AngieGensler Click To Tweet

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