Ep 66: Building Your Business With Facebook Groups with Bobby Klinck

Today I’m going to be talking about my favorite way to build your authority and your business: Facebook groups. Pretty much every day, I get someone joining my list or buying something from me after finding me in one of these groups, so for this episode, I’m going to walk you through how I got to this place and how you can do the same thing for your business.

Listen in to hear the exact Facebook strategy I used to establish myself as an expert in my field and the steps you can take to follow it, too. You’ll learn how to find the right groups, what to do once you’re in them, and the truth about how much dedication it takes to make this work.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How many groups you should try to use to build your business.
  • Tips for finding the right groups.
  • What the concept of “the dream 100” is and how it applies here.
  • Things to look for when choosing a group.
  • The sweet spot for group size.
  • How to qualify people as buyers, not just thinkers.
  • Why paid groups are the best option.
  • Why you want groups that are nonpromotional.
  • What to do once you’re in a group.
  • What not to do.
  • How much time you should dedicate to Facebook groups.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Ultimately, whatever you do in business, you have to reach people who are willing to pull out their wallet and pay for your product. -@bobbyklinck Click To Tweet
You have to be there answering the questions that are in your wheelhouse, and answering them and answering them and providing value, so that people know you will be there to provide that value. -@bobbyklinck Click To Tweet
At the end of the day, for social media to be effective, you have to be engaging, and engagement takes time. -@bobbyklinck Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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