Ep 72: Live Video is King with Coach Glitter

One of the biggest new trends in social media marketing is live video. In this episode, I’ll talk with Tiffany Lee Bymaster (also known as Coach Glitter) about why this trend is so important and useful for your business. She shares her vast knowledge and experience in the online marketing space to explain what live video is and how to do it well.

Listen in to hear Coach Glitter break down how to nail your messaging so your efforts will be super effective, as well as helpful examples of how to do it. She also shares important advice on reinventing yourself, discovering new gifts, body language, getting over your fear of live video and much more.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • Tiffany’s career journey and why she went from law enforcement to where she is now.
  • Why we should be using more video—especially live video.
  • How to get past the fear of live video.
  • The value of creating a tight knit community and rethinking how you feel about judgement.
  • How to develop your live video skills.
  • The pros and cons of live video vs. recorded video.
  • The easiest gateway entry for anyone to get into the video game.
  • How important your background is—and what’s even more important.
  • Tips on body language and being considerate of your viewers.
  • Why video is a vehicle for your brand messaging.
  • The importance of allowing yourself to evolve.
  • How you should prepare before jumping on video.
  • Examples of ways to structure your video.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

Within each of us, there are so many gifts and talents that we haven’t even uncovered yet. -@CoachGlitter Click To Tweet
Vanity numbers don’t matter, but creating a tight knit community and showing up exactly as who you are does. And what better way to do that than live video? -@CoachGlitter Click To Tweet
That’s the beauty of live video, there’s no expectation for perfection. -@CoachGlitter Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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