Ep 74: Results From My Non-Launch Launch

Today I’m going to be discussing all the ins and outs of my non-launch launch. After a successful “traditional” launch in January, I had hopes of making my upcoming release bigger and better than ever, but my hectic schedule got in the way. In this episode, I’ll explain the steps I took to ensure a prosperous launch despite being forced to cut out any kind of events I had previously planned.

I’ll touch on why you must connect with your ideal customers where they are and provide them with a ton of value, and how that helped me immensely with this more casual launch. You’ll discover the importance of creating regular content, building rapport, and finding your personal authentic voice. Listen in to find out how to get people excited about your product and keep people interested in you.

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • What my big plans for my launch were.
  • How to get some great freebies from my website.
  • Why I was pushing people to the wait-list to get them excited for the launch.
  • What made me decide to do an email-only launch.
  • Why my non-launch launch worked and how can you replicate it.
  • The importance of making your product known.
  • Why you must create a connection with your audience.
  • The importance of putting in the time.
  • Whether I will do a non-launch launch again.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

It’s about connecting with your ideal customer where they are and just providing a ton of value. -@BobbyKlinck Click To Tweet
Playing small is never a good answer. -@BobbyKlinck Click To Tweet
The idea is you're constantly seeding the idea. -@BobbyKlinck Click To Tweet

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