Ep 80: Start Before It’s Perfect with Zarayda Groenhart

Most people wait for the perfect time to start their business or career, but for Zarayda Groenhart, that moment came right in the middle of chaos. Starting her career at the age of 23, Zarayda created her own job in television by asking her peers on the street what they would want to see on a new MTV show, and then finding a way to get in contact with the CEO of MTV to relay the information she had collected. In this episode, she shares mindset hacks that will help you keep your business thriving when life hits you with curveballs. 

We discuss our stories of perseverance and Zarayda shares the most valuable advice her father gave her, as well as why you must continue even when you doubt yourself because you never know the impact you’re having on someone else. You don’t get to choose your story—the story chooses you, so listen in to discover how to allow your story to be told. 

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What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to take action even in less than perfect circumstances.
  • How Zarayda started her career in television.
  • Why you must stop being jealous and start creating.
  • The importance of persevering through hard times.
  • Zarayda’s mindset hacks for getting through chaos.
  • The importance of being yourself within your business.
  • How to allow yourself to tell your story.
  • Why we must truly feel our pain to move past it.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

If they are not open to your suggestions or your ideas, it is time to start doing it yourself.- @Zaraydaatje Click To Tweet Stop being jealous and start creating. - @Zaraydaatje Click To Tweet We can have it all, even if it’s not in the way we think. - @Zaraydaatje Click To Tweet

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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