Ep 94: Affiliate Marketing Done Right with Bobby Klinck

Sep 3, 2019YOG Podcast0 comments


This episode is inspired by an email from one of my followers who reached out regarding the problems with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a part of the big launches that we see today and can be a powerful tool, but when it’s done incorrectly, it can rub people the wrong way. So today, I will be sharing the rules to follow when deciding if you should be promoting a product, company, or person.

Listen in as I explain how to correctly use affiliate marketing in your business, without having it come across as overdone or insincere. You’ll learn the importance of a natural fit, why you shouldn’t promote something you wouldn’t promote for free, and how to make affiliate marketing a “three-way win.”

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

  • How to do affiliate marketing right.
  • Why affiliate marketing should be a three-way win.
  • How to be selective with what you promote.
  • Rules to follow to decide if you should promote a product.
  • The importance of a natural fit for an affiliate link.
  • Why you should be willing to tell people not to buy your product.
  • How to have an active launch.


Ideas Worth Sharing:

If providing this reference to people is a way to serve your community—to provide value, to fill in a gap that you don’t offer—doing that is, in fact, a service.- @BobbyKlinck Click To Tweet If your audience is completely different from the audience likely to buy the product, it’s going to show up in your bonuses, and it is a good sign it is probably not a good fit.- @BobbyKlinck Click To Tweet If you have the heart of service, you are going to be willing to tell people not to buy.- @BobbyKlinck Click To Tweet

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